Project Description

Green Meadow Eco-Camp

The Green Meadow Eco-Camp is a development concept and master plan designed for the Foxstone Group of New York. Foxstone obtained a 130 acre parcel in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains and wished to create a retreat for families looking for a fun and relaxed environment to commune with nature.

The eco-camp model we developed combines a nurturing community, sustainable design, and slow food principals to appeal to professional families looking to balance their urban lives with opportunities to live closer to the land and enjoy wholesome foods.

The master plan places a public “commons” at the center of the site, with clusters of cabins, or “camps,” around this. The commons contains facilities shared by all the residents – including a Clubhouse, Ecology Center, Community Barn, a farm and a sports field. Each camp has 7-14 cabins of different sizes surrounding a play meadow. Each camp also has a Grange Hall, a multifunctional building available for common meals, crafts, or recreation.

  • Architect, Landscape Architect: Joseph Koelbel